Let's all say cheers at The Church of Beers!

Hello Brothers and Sisters and welcome to the The Church of Beers.


I am your host and faithful servant, Carlos Pastor , a.k.a. Pastor Los.


The Church of Beers is nondenominational church and we accept all no matter your race, your religion, your age, or your sexual orientation, 

we accept you all with open arms even those who don't believe in religion.


On The Church of Beers podcast, we will be taking a journey together, a journey that involves number one the Church.

The reason I say the number one thing for us here is the CHURCH, is because the Church is not the building where people go to congregate and to pray. 

 The church is not made from bricks or timber or mortar, but it's made of the actual people INSIDE the structure.

 So, brothers and sisters, here at the church of beers, we have decided to focus on one of those things that often bring people together...

What is that one thing you may ask? You guessed it! That one thing is beer.

 Here at The Church of Beers we love beer, so we are going to talk about beer. We are going to drink beer, we are going to learn about beer, and we are going to answer all your questions about beer. We even hope to convert some you Hard Core Liquor drinkers and Wine drinkers

over The Glorious beverage of our ancestors!  

 We are going to travel to tasting rooms, bars, festivals, restaurants and talk to brew-masters and people that also love beer and spirits as much as we do. 

 We are going to explore the history of beer , how it's made and how it effects and influences different parts of our culture.

 We are going to taste a variety of styles and flavors of beer and give you our opinion on them. 


We are going to make new friends and talk a bit about everything. 


From Art to Music to Movies and we will even include a little bit of history and science. 


Brothers and Sister, At this time in the world we are closer and more connected with others then any other time history. 

But ironically at the same time, we have never been so divided.


We sit in bars starring at our phones afraid of eye contact, afraid that someone will smile at us or say hello.


But inside we are dying for a connection.

So we snap a selfie and wait for the likes, or the thumbs up, or the hearts to come rolling in and validate us.


We spend hours obsessively searching for a digital connection with people who are not really there.  


Brothers and Sisters, At The Church of Beers podcast we want to take you away from all those things out there that divide us and turn your focus on to those things that bring us closer together. 

We want to help you concentrate on our similarities, as people, as human beings.


One of these similarities I speak of is pure and simple  and that’s LOVE. 

Our love for life, our love of people, and our Love for Beer. 


So please join us soon, for our fist Podcast of The Church of Beers.



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